There's not much to tell:
it's all about code, travel and some other projects like photography


Quite like a blog about journeys...

(Work in progress)

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
QApplication a(argc,argv);
 a.setApplicationName("Awesome code");
AwesomeCode w;;
return a.exec();


Photography and CG-Pictures page

(More to come)


wake up pc - Android (Java) [depricated]

wake up pc - Windows Phone (C#) [soon]

Ligato - Desktop (Windows) / Android (Qt/C++/OpenGL)

Ligato - Ligato done in JS (three.js)
Works well in Chrome and Firefox (WebGL required).
Caution: Might not work properly on mobile devices yet.
(Soon available on Github.)

(More to come)

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